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Fabulous Eco Felt Coasters

Crafting with felt is fun and easy. You can create these beautiful home decor coasters fast, easily and inexpensively. This is a great project to do on your own, or with your kids.

For our coasters, we’ve used Alligator Embossed Brown Eco-fi Felt. Eco-fi is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, here in the U.S.A.

Fabulous Felt Coasters

Total Project Time: 15 minutes or less (as shown)
Skill Level: Easy

Materials and Tools Needed:

(All materials used in this project were purchased at Michaels Arts & Crafts, without a coupon, for $2.78 for 4 coasters + negligible glue and optional trim)

  • 9×12″ Felt Sheet of Your Choice (We used Alligator Embossed Eco Felt in Coco Brown)
  • 1 package of Cork coasters
  • Fabric glue or all purpose glue
  • Optional: Trim for side of coaster. We used suede lace.
  • X-acto Knife or rotary cutter
  • Cutting surface or matt


  1. Find a cup or glass with the same diameter as your coaster.
  2. Using an Xacto Knife, trace a perfect circle around the cup to cut out your felt. You’ll need a steady hand and you may want to trace with a fabric marking pencil first to follow the line. Trim any stray edges with a sharp fabric scissor.
  3. Using a matching color marker, carefully color the cork edge to match the felt. If you prefer the natural quality and color of the cork to show on the sides of your coaster, skip this step.
  4. Place thin lines of glue on your coaster going all the way to the edge.
  5. Add your felt cut out. Touch up any areas that need additional glue or marker. Let dry.
  6. Optional: Add glue around the edge of the coaster and decorate with your choice of trim. We added suede lace
  7. For your kids version, simply use brighter color felt and fabric paint, glitter glue or additional felt to decorate.  Make sure to cut out the felt circles for younger children.

Additional Crafty Ideas

  • Use ribbon or leather strips to decorate the edges of the coasters.
  • Use 100% thick woolfelt and follow the cutting technique to create the look without a cork base.
  • For Kids version, put glue on edges and roll in glitter.

CD Tips: A ribbon tied around a set of 4 coasters makes a great gift.

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