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Guilt Free Outrageously Delicious Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Sushi

We all deserve a little indulgence in our lives.  For me, eating a piece of delicious, high quality chocolate is a simple reminder of the pleasure of being human. Usually, it’s caution to the wind in regard to calories consumed.   However, Romanicos Chocolate makes it easy to indulge without the guilt. Romanicos Mini Dark Chocolate Truffles are less than 25 calories each. For the true dark chocolate lover, these small wonders are made of 70% dark chocolate. Talk about getting your Antioxidants! Want the full on experience? The original truffle collection is only 48 calories per full size truffle. Like a bit of crunch with your chocolate, try the truffle bites at 39 calories each.

Romanicos chocolates and truffles are not diet or sugar free. They are made from super high quality Venezuelan chocolate. The chocolates are low in calories compared to other chocolates because there is no added sugar inside the chocolate mix for sweetening. This is pure, fresh chocolate. Most of their products are hand-made.  Additionally, their chocolate bars are dairy and gluten-free. You can read more about Romanicos history, green efforts and products on their website.

CD Tips:  Buy Romanicos Chocolate. The Perfect Gift! In Miami on business or pleasure? Pick up a box from their retail store for a great souvenir. Romanicos ships nationwide, all year round, including next day and Saturday delivery.

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    I will never buy these.

    Because I will just keep sticking my hand into the box until all the chocolates are gone! I love love love dark chocolate though ;)


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