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Top 10 Thrift Store Buys

$13 for New and Like New Children's Merchandise Valued at $75 Dollars

1. Purses and Wallets

There are many quality purses and wallets to be found at a thrift store. On a recent trip, we found purses and wallets from designers such as Tory Birch, Coach, Kate Spade, Furla and various other well known brands. The Tory Birch faux croc clutch was $14.99, while a genuine snake skin wallet was $3.99. Whether you go for name brand or good value, both were great bargains.

2. Clothing Blanks

Like to DIY Repurpose or Embellish clothing? A thrift store is a great place to get clothing blanks. Trying a new technique? Spend $.99 on a cotton t-shirt at the thrift store and explore your creativity. When you have the technique down, you can find a brand new t-shirts, on sale, at stores like Old Navy or Target.

Great thrift store clothing blanks ideas: Solid color t-shirts, jean jackets, jean skirts and hoodie sweat shirts.

3. Toys

You can get some great bargains on toys, especially if you know the sale days and original prices. Some examples of toy bargains found at a local thrift store at regular prices, included: new in the box Chutes and Ladders for $3, educational Brain Quest cards for $.95, other education flash cards and board games for under $3.

Other great toys included giant lego sets, leapster games and game boards, Melissa and Doug Toys and more.

4. Cookbooks, Coffee Table Books, Children’s Books and Pleasure Books

Cookbooks are a wonderful item to thrift. Many of us receive cookbooks we use only once or twice and then give away when “spring cleaning.” Many end up at the thrift store. We were able to purchase a nearly brand new Martha Stewart Cookbook for less than $5 that originally retailed for $25.00.

Coffee Table Books are great gifts and a perfect accessory for a new apartment or dorm room. We found art and photography books such as Anne Geddes, Matisse as well as many Home Décor guides and a world Atlas.

Other great thrift store book buys include, children’s first readers, children’s Arts & craft activity books, youth novels and fiction books. We even found “like new” books from the Twilight Series.

5. Media

If you happen to own a VCR, you can pick up some great steals. Look for Disney movies and other popular classics for just dollars.

We found the entire first season of the Sopranos for $5 on a full price day.

6. Dress Up Costumes

Your kids like to dress up? Keep your eyes open for used Halloween costumes for $5 and under. We found a beautiful girl’s Chinese Cheongsam dress selling for $4.

7. Party Supplies

Having a party? A thrift store is a great way to pick up some inexpensive serving trays, bowls or extra glasses. For the same price as a large plastic serving tray at the grocery, you can get a metal or glass one at the thrift store.

8. Home Décor Items

One woman’s mad house cleaning venture is another one’s treasure trove. $2.95 Lenox Crystal Candlestick? $.95 Land of Nod Star Hook for a Child’s room? English China Charger plates? Full length silk curtains for $12?

9. Jewelry

Want to try your hand at jewelry making? Check out the jewelry section and for a few dollars you can find strands of beads or other treasures to repurpose into your own design.

10. Home Décor DIY

Look for old picture frames, mirrors, boxes and vases to refinish. How about table linens for DIY embellishing? Just make sure the original is in good condition.

Here is an example of a thrift store DIY repurposing Old & New project we did.
The frame was $4. The paint and supplies were less than $15.

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