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Create Beautiful Art and Learn a Lesson

A few years ago, Bridget Daly and Shannon Ninburg decided to do something about the lack of good quality art kits for children. Bridget and Shannon, who are art educators with Masters of Fine Art degrees, felt that there were not many choices of kits on the market that provided high quality materials, a beautiful result and actual instruction in art education.

Bridget and Shannon taught art for many years and talked with many other moms. Through their experience and request of their friends for kits of “substance” Eye Can Art was born. The result – an award-winning collection of easy-to-use kits that teach real art techniques. 

Eye Can Art teaches basic art concepts such as value, composition, shape, the use of light and dark, illusion of depth, symmetry and more.  Each kit comes with an instruction booklet introducing an authentic art technique in kid-friendly language and also features the work of a professional artist illustrating that particular technique.   

CD Note: These are not “craft” kits but rather a valuable, multi-generation art lesson wrapped up in fun activity. With school art programs being cut, for the price of one kit, you will be providing hours of learning and creativity. Eye Can Art kits make great gifts, take-along activities and summer entertainment.

CD Exclusive: Bridget of Eye Can Art has provided us with an exclusive art tutorial, on how to make prints using sandpaper.

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