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DIY Drawer Redo Using Chic Shelf Paper

Question: How do you transform inexpensive drawers into fabulous home decor?

Answer: Chic Shelf Paper and Creative Dish’s fast and easy DIY Drawer Redo.

DIY Drawer Redo Tutorial Using Chic Shelf Paper

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Skill Level: Beginner/Easy
Total Time: 20-30 minutes + (depending on number of drawers)

Materials Needed:


  1. Select the drawers you would like to update. Use an existing set of drawers (we updated a child’s room), a thrift store find or new inexpensive drawers.
  2. Clean the drawers with soap and water. Make sure to remove any old “stickers” or “chipped off paint.” Dry.
  3. Measure the front of your drawer. Measure the Chic Shelf Paper against the front of the drawer. Cut to size that will cover the front of the drawer. CD Hot Dish: You can order your Chic Shelf Paper pre-cut.
  4. Remove drawer.
  5. Remove hardware from the drawer.
  6. Center the paper on the drawer.
  7. Peal a corner off the paper. Tac the paper onto the drawer at the corners.
  8. Carefully peal backing from the paper (while holding paper straight up, and smooth down from front to back. Do not peal more than a few inches at a time.
  9. Use the squeegee tool included with the shelf paper to smooth and flatten the paper and assure good adhesion. Continue pealing and flattening until surface is completely covered.
  10. Find hole for the hardware from inside.
  11. Gently push the screw through from back to front to mark where the hole will go for the hardware.
  12. Gently push the screw through the paper.
  13. Remove and gently push the paper back through with the screw on the opposite side. This will push the paper back through the hole “tucking it into the hole”.
  14. Screw the handle back onto the shelf.
  15. Admire your beautiful transformation.

CD Tip: We recommend completely reviewing the suggested application instructions on the Chic Shelf Paper site, including testing the “process” on a non visible area.

CD Exclusive: Chic Shelf Paper offers Creative Dish readers a 10% discount on orders over $35. Use code cdc61411-9876 at checkout. Discount code valid until Aug. 15, 2011.

Read more about Chic Shelf Paper.
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