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Do You Bobble?

We love the eco-friendly line of water bottles by Bobble. The bottles come in 3 sizes, baby bear (13 oz for kids), momma bear (18.5 oz) and the big daddy (34 oz). Bobble bottles use a carbon based filter that removes organic contaminants from regular tap water. The filter needs to be replaced after 40 gallons of water run through it or about every 2 months.

Bobble bottles are BPA free, made in the USA, recycled and reusable.

Not only do these water bottles function well, by drinking from reusable bottles, people could keep thousands of plastic bottles out of landfills. Plus, they look great! The colorful filters are interchangeable between sizes and the kids line of 13 oz bottles come in different, fun, primary colors.

CD Tips: What a great way to save money and teach your children about helping the environment.

Get Bobble: Bobble BPA Free Water Bottle Set 6 Assorted Colors (18 Oz)  

Kids Bobble  

Pictures copy write @ Bobble.

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