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Fruit Sushi by Eco Chef Bryan

Eat your fruits and vegetables. Most people have heard this throughout their lives. These days, many are joining the raw food movement. The thought being raw, unprocessed foods contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes to aid the body in getting the most nutrients out of the food you eat. Plus, it’s great for the environment.

While many of us may not be ready to join the 100% raw, vegan movement, Eco Chef Bryan Au has started a great program with something for everyone.  Chef Bryan Au’s Raw In Ten Minutes program introduces easy and fast ways to bring healthy raw, organic and vegan cooking into your home.

Bryan has shared this wonderfully fun recipe to do with children.

Fruit Sushi by Eco Chef Bryan Au

Prep and Assembly Time: 10 Minutes
Skill Level: Easy, adults cut fruit for younger children.


  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Green Apple


  1. Peel mango and cut banana.
  2. Slice mango thinly using a vegetable or cheese slicer.
  3. Cuts slices longwise to wrap around the banana.
  4. Cut strawberries into small pieces.
  5. Wrap the mango around the banana and place strawberry on top.
  6. Cut small pieces of green apple.
  7. Add green apple to top of fruit sushi.

CD Note: Eco Chef Bryan has more recipes (including a raw pepperoni pizza), a new book and other raw food information on his website Raw In Ten Minutes.

CD Tip: For a great gift, try some Chocolate Sushi.

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