Welcome to Creative Dish, where you'll find the insider scoop on creative projects and home lifestyle tips designed for today's busy family.

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About Creative Dish

Welcome to Creative Dish, where you’ll find the insider scoop on Creative Projects and Home Lifestyle tips designed for today’s busy, modern families.

You’re busy, we get it.  Jobs, kids, homes, partners, friends, meals, laundry, laundry, laundry… and that’s just the daily basics.  Luckily, it’s 2011 and we are no longer required to do it all.

It’s perfect to be imperfect

We want to be healthy, eat well, create special moments with our kids and put our personal sense of style on things.  We want to try new things, but we don’t have time to spare or money to waste.

At Creative Dish you’ll find

  • Experience aware and time sensitive Craft, DIY and Easy Repurposing projects with a modern, contemporary design appeal.
  • Cooking and Creative projects to do with Kids, with an eye toward promoting lifelong creativity, independence and confidence.
  • Introductions to exciting Craft & Home Products from around the Globe.
  • Introductions to New Designers and their websites from around the Globe.
  • Easy, fast, everyday cooking tips and recipes
  • Unique Creative and Home Products on our webstore

We love to share The Dish about Creativity, Simply Done.

My Creative Dish

We’ve designed Creative Dish to be as much your website as it is ours.  Create a file in My Documents called My Creative Dish and you can easily download and save the posts which interest you.  Where you see “Save PDF” under each post, you can easily click and save only the pictures and text/instructions to that particular post.  You can even create your own subfiles in My Creative Dish for Eat, Create, Indulge, The Dish and Shop.

My Dish on Facebook 

Women all over the globe have the same core interests.   We want to see what your creative projects turned out like.  We want to hear about your daily favorite recipes.   What can you dish to us today?

Meet, share and inspire others on our My Dish on Facebook page.  Join the Conversation and join our creative community.